Why you need to be capable of writing scientific papers

Being able to properly manage writing scientific papers is important, no matter whether you are going to publish your work or not. You cannot avoid this assignment if you study at college, so it is better to learn this skill now in order to succeed in your studies. As a matter of fact, scientific papers have a very specific format, which also depends on your professor's requirements and the college itself. But we want you to learn about some common features all kinds of scientific papers have, which are important to know well and follow in order to develop your skills as a scientific writer and get high marks. In this article, we will share them.

Consider your potential audience

Chances are that you won't know your potential readers personally. But you have to make sure that you understand their professional needs and interests, backgrounds and so on. It affect the way you will form your argument. Moreover, you need to know how to use the language and what words and speaking style to avoid. For instance, if the expertise of your target audience has a similar background, it means that you can freely use professional terms and jargons. In case if it doesn't, we recommend you limiting professional terms in order to make your paper understandable for the readers.

How to discuss the problem

As soon as you have got the issue to discuss in the paper, you've got to identify the problem. This relates to knowing the needs of your audience. There has to be a very specific and well formulated problem to solve and it has to be announced in the beginning in just one sentence. Follow these steps:

  • Diagnosing the problem. Once you introduced the problem, dedicate a paragraph to describe it in a more detailed, deep manner.
  • Jot down a list of specific aspects of the determined problem. Here's where you have to mention dates, numbers, names and figures.
  • Providing your reader with some background. You need to explain the methodology and your logic. Make sure there are no holes or uncovered aspects, every thought has to be proved.
  • Creating a catchy title. Make your title stand out in order to attract as many readers as possible.

Providing your solution to the problem

You can give as many solutions as you have, unless each of them is applicable and makes sense. But it's not about the number of solutions, but about how deep and grounded they are.

  • Describe the solutions that you have to propose. Explain to your audience how they can be applied and what to expect once the solution is applied.
  • Justification is important. You need to provide strong arguments and evidences to prove that your solution can be helpful.
  • Summarize. This is where you have to review the discussed problem and provide a brief summary.

Sharing methods of your research

You need to dedicate half of one paragraph to provide the research methods. These questions may help you understand which ones you used:

  • What kinds of methods did you use? Were they qualitative or quantitative? Did you use such methods as interview, lab experiments etc.?
  • How much time did you spend on the research?
  • Whose experience in studying the discussed issue did you use within your research?

Show the achieved results to the reader

This is not the same as conclusion, since results are usually announced in the beginning. You need to briefly describe in a couple of sentences what the most outstanding findings and explain their significance and tell how these findings can be applied in further exploration and what actually makes them useful. In the end of the day, you need to provide a strong reason why your research paper is remarkable and has to be paid attention to.

Use professional help

Writing scientific papers is difficult, especially if you are not an experienced scientist. That is why we are looking forward to assisting you in a highly professional manner. We can support you during you research just as well do your research. Don't hesitate to contact us and get your outstanding research done!

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