Essay regarding Women because Sex Thing in Ads

Women as Sex Objects in Axe Body Squirt Ads:

In present era the press and the marketers are representing and providing a negative effects to our tradition. For example the advertisements of Responsable Body Aerosol. Axe human body spray is definitely product from the Unilever. Axe body apply leads the prospective consumer to trust that applying this product he can be more popular and desirable among the girls. So responsable straight forwardly portrays and deliver the communication that in the event men gonna use this item then women would be willing to do anything on their behalf if they need. This product is of interest only to guy gender but in the advertisements it is described that the ladies get attracted easily toward men in the event they will use this and it also produce message that women are a sex objects simply. The motto used by the Axe during these ads is definitely " Any kind of excuse to get Dirty”. The motto itself says that in case the male customer uses this system woman uses any chance to get grubby with men. Unilever is projecting the concept any girl, regardless of electric power, will finally be put in their place by a man, particularly if that gentleman uses Responsable Body Squirt. This portrayal of women has a negative influence on our culture, specifically on young women, whom feel forced to seem and action a certain way in order to entice men. Overall, I think why these advertisements are sending a terrible message, and people they are negatively impacting the west, but as extended as earnings and product sales continue to take precedence above integrity and values, I actually don't visit a change on this practice in the near future.

Shaleem Sultan

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