Unit 208  Promoting Children and Young Someones Health and Safety Essay

Unit 208 – Assisting children and young people's health and security

1 . 1 Describe how current health and security legislation, procedures and procedures implemented inside the setting

With regards to appended evidence C (Health and Basic safety Policy), the document plainly our School's stance about health and safety.

The school is " dedicated to doing all that we can to make sure that the children in our care are healthy, secure and enjoy emotional well-being. We also have a primary duty of care for the adults who have work in and visit each of our school”.

There are a variety of important elements to the insurance plan which make sure pupils and staff are kept safe and are also healthy:

* Programs – to make children aware of being healthier and safe in all respects of life in and out of the school environment * College uniform – a designated standard to help discover children that attend our school, being easily well-known helps to keep them safe the moment out on excursions etc 5. We have a safeguarding coverage (appended data D) to guarantee the safety and well-being of most children 2. School reliability – go codes and locks on our gates, visitor badge system 2. Risk assessments – on a regular basis conducted in each classroom/learning space along with examination conducted ahead of any away from the site trip 2. Fire and emergency procedures – cards in every classroom describing what to do in case of a fire and/or emergency, standard practice fireplace evacuations, standard first aid teaching of personnel * E-safety policy – to protect children when learning through the internet

1 . 2 Describe how health and security is watched and preserved in the placing

The schools governing body includes a named chief excutive responsible for into the safety. The governing body system in discussion with specialist advisors, accomplish regular risk assessments and safety studies.

The Health and Safety can be reviewed yearly, or whenever you want on request by the governing physique.

Staff and children are motivated to record any worries...

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