To what level do you consent or argue that corporations can or should try to change consumer behaviour? Essay

To what level do you acknowledge or differ that organizations can (or should) make an effort to change client behaviour? Foundation your debate on your studying as well the own knowledge/experience/opinions.

As today's world is becoming more and more complex and competitive, money and profitability are keywords and phrases for most firms. The main role of businesses is to earn a living but I do think that they also needs to make customer behaviour change if this is permanently causes. This is certainly a quite idealistic scenario but it can result in good effects.

Firms can easily generate consumer actions change by looking into making them if you buy one particular merchandise and by creating fashion trend. For example brands just like Levi's have changed client behaviour toward fashion. The company trivialized denim jeans for everybody and today everybody has jeans. Moreover a lot of brands happen to be creating new consumer requires and require and building up new marketplace. This is the case of Apple. They flourish in making consumers buy all their product to be able to follow all their trend. Many people buy Apple products because they just want to look cool and to be part of the ‘Apple community'. Apple has changed several consumer ordering behaviour. Companies can make client behaviour alter by creating some ‘superficial' needs nevertheless I think that companies will do better if they make persons change in a far more serious approach.

A few corporations ought to change customer behaviour if it leads to great consequences: safeguard people from diseases protect the environment… For instance brands like Durex or Manix, which sell off condoms, making the effort to make buyer behaviour modify. They have was able to make people make use of more and more condoms and to keep them safe from HIV or A SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE. Other companies like Unilever are trying to change their very own consumer behavior to profit the environment There is no doubt that firms should make people change for the good cause but this may not be their key role and other players get this role.

There are players that can and should alter...

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