To Build a Fire Essay

Man or Nature

To develop a fire is all about an unnamed man that underestimates the severity of nature. He proves his stubbornness by simply going against what the old guy advised him, and attempts to walk to his camp. He attempts to survive the forces of nature by simply trying to maintain warm along with keep moving, therefore he can make it to his camp and fulfill his companions before it gets too late. The main topic that London, uk is trying to prove is usually that the forces of nature will be stronger than the forces of man.

From this story Greater london uses a composing method known as foreshadowing. Through the entire story the writer gives tips on how the fifty below weather will end up getting rid of him. A good example of foreshadowing was when the old man warned him, " No man must travel exclusively in the Klondike after 60 below. ” This showed that an old guy, who understood the area perfectly, knew already what the fate of the person would be. The foreshadowing with this story achieved it more clear what the outcome would be.

The primary character with this story's stubbornness and his errors are reasons for why he died. The man was also stubborn to listen to the alerts of the old guy and he wouldn't also turn back when he realized it was colder than he believed. " Certainly, it was cooler than fifty below- just how much colder this individual did not find out. ” Certainly one of his key mistakes was when he decided to go out when he knew the particular weather conditions were like. This individual tested this by spitting on the ground, " He recognized that at fifty below spittle crackled on the snow, but this kind of spittle got crackled up. ” The man was warned about the dangerous conditions, but this individual thought this individual could deal with it.

Sometimes people can easily underestimate character. There were a large number of warnings throughout the story from nature the man must have noticed. The man sees these signs as a reality, not danger. One of the indicators is once his fire burnt out. " Wherever it had used up was a layer of refreshing and disordered snow. ” At the end in the story your dog survived if the man didn't. " Then it...

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