Essay about Thomas Jefferson Outline Ap Us History

I. Thomas Jefferson a) Born: Apr 13 a, 1743 Goochland, VA b) Died: This summer 4 a, 1826, Monticello,

II. VA Educational and Occupational Background

a) College of Bill and Martha

b) VA delegate to Continental Our elected representatives (1783-1784)

c) VA Home of Burgesses (1769-1774)

d) Chief of the servants of VETERANS ADMINISTRATION (1779-1791)

e) Minister of Italy

f) Secretary of State intended for George Wa (1790-1793)

g) Vice President for John Adams (1797-1801)

III. Conditions of Workplace

a) First term: 1801-1805

b) Second term: 1805-1809

4. Prominent Election Issues

a) 1st term: Thomas Jefferson is definitely noted while Democratic- Conservative. He was challenged by Aaron Burr, a Democrat. Jefferson and Burr were the two tied with 73 votes each. The property of Staff decided who would win; with Hamilton's thorough campaign, Jefferson was picked over Burr after thirty five ballots. b) Second term: Thomas Jefferson and his working mate, Charles Pinckney a federalist. c) The Democratic-Republicans and Federalists argued regarding who they will wanted to have a closer romance with. Democratic-Republicans tended to side with France while the Federalists sided with Great Britain d) John Adams passed THE Alien and Sedition Serves, the Democratic-Republicans believed it violated states' rights. e) Central concentrate in the election was States' rights compared to Federal power. V. Oppositions

a) First Selection: John The writer, and Aaron Burr

b) Second Selection: Charles Pinckney.

VI. Vice President

a) Initially term: Aaron Burr

b) Second term: George Clinton

VII. Political Party: Democratic Conservative Major

VIII. Domestic Occurrences:

a) Thomas Jefferson Becomes President. 1801

b) Amendment doze ratified: Came up with the use of distinct ballots for president and vice president. The candidate together with the greatest number of votes for every single office will be elected. In case the majority prefer presidents is usually lacking, your house of Representatives would have your vote by express from among the list of three highest...

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