The Road towards the Civil Conflict Essay

Phil cannella Ninan12/5/2005

U. S. HistoryPer. 4

The street to the Municipal War

Until 1861 accommodement helped america of America to avoid civil war. The Compromise of 1850 led a series of situations set out to stop war. The compromise of 1850 contained negotiations Henry Clay made which included issues on: captivity, land, and money. Also there were situations that helped lead to battle such as the Kansas-Nebraska Act. This kind of included worries with: thinking about popular sovereignty, repeal from the Missouri Endanger, and tensions between the north and the southern.

The Compromise of 1850 included many different concepts, many of these suggestions helping to stop to conflict. Henry Clay tried to you should both the north and the south. One of the first suggests was the advantages of Cal as a cost-free state, which usually once again increased slavery issues considering the unbalance of free and slave says. This was made in favor with the north. Then this Fugitive Slave Act originated to leave officials and citizens responsible for capturing and returning of slaves. This kind of act achieved it a crime to help runaway slaves and let officials and residents arrest errant slaves. This act was made in favor of the south. The attempted Endanger of 1850 was an unsuccessful effort to prevent a civil conflict.

The Kansas-Nebraska Take action was a reopened debate over slavery recommended by Stephen Douglass. He wanted to build a railroad than would pass through Chicago. To accomplish this he would need to organize and settle the Kansas and Nebraska area. It is suggested that the lands are organized nevertheless popular sovereignty. To do this they'd to repeal the Missouri Compromise. This movement attracted both anti and proslavery people to move to Kansas and Nebraska looking to control all of them. Both the north and the south encouraged visitors to move to the brand new territories. Then during a voting, proslavery people from Missouri illegally the best performer in Kansas. By doing this a Pro-slavery legal was created....

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