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Week 1 Discussion Question1:

Please respond to the following:

Identify the areas (student, professional, citizen, family member, good friend, etc . ) of your life by which writing performs a major position. Explain.

Publishing plays a significant role during my student and professional life. I am employed at a financial institution and to communicate efficiently throughout my organization it is important that my writing abilities are up to par. I i am currently signed up for school and being a pupil at Strayer I am required to write at least 2 papers a quarter.

Determine the desired goals you have because student, professional, citizen, loved one or good friend, and clarify how you anticipate writing to learn a role in one of these areas in ten years. As a scholar my main goal is to graduate student with a gpa 3. a few or higher. Since I are banking key with a slight in finance and I operate a financial institution; My spouse and i am trying to gain experience and understanding in my field in order to progress to best level supervision. Although my personal professional career is mostly crunching numbers, conversation is key. , and without knowing how to create and speak I will be defeated.

Discussion two: Reading Images or Websites Critically

Please reply to the following:

Choose an academics Website with attractive pictures that is aimed toward adults and designed to support the content with the Website; identify how the visuals, layout, color, and other elements are intended to effect the readers/viewers. Include the WEB LINK in your conversation.

I believe Strayer's academic website has attractive visuals geared toward adults. The color structure on Strayer's website is darker compared to the brighter " younger” shades most traditional schools work with. The adults in their cap and gowns attracts various other adults looking for an academic institution in shape for them and the needs. After i see somebody like me with a child or any type of type of identical circumstances, in fact completing some thing I i am interested in starting it's such as a push of encouragement. If...

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