Test 1 Assignment Dissertation

Andrew Kang


Multiple Choice Questions

COM 100 – Professor Parsons

1 . Co-rumination is defined as excessively talking with friends about ____________. A. personal successes

M. individual successes

C. concerns and issues

D. other people

Answer – C.

2 . What kind of opinions is the genuine and ethical response a receiver gives to the emails of others? A. Communicative

M. Healthy

C. Relative

M. Reasoned

Response – W.

a few. What is the right term intended for determining precisely what is right or wrong? A. Ethics

M. Personal success

C. Comparable

D. Healthier

Answer – A.

four. The respond to a message is called ____________.

A. Feedback

W. Answer

C. Response

Deb. Relative

Solution – A.

5. How-to speeches focus on the ______ category of conversation topics. A. Specific

N. Ethics

C. Public speaking

G. Process

Response – Deb.

6. (True or False) - Practical is no matter which of 3 goals- to inform, persuade, or entertain- rules a presentation. TrueFalse

Answer – The case

7. Precisely what is the term intended for words, phrases, or phrases that demonstrate connection between points inside your speech and help your market understand your organization? A. Ethics

B. Changes

C. Public speaking

D. Signposts

Answer – B.

8. What is the correct term intended for closing materials of a conversation where the speaker reviews the main points, may challenge the group with a positive view of the speaker and the topic? A. Introduction

B. Body

C. Conclusion

G. Thesis

Solution – N.

on the lookout for. What is the right term for the type of language and phrasing a speaker uses plus the effect celebrate? A. Style

B. Prep

C. Public speaking

G. Transitions

Response – A.

15. What kind of speech is delivered after some or no preparing? A. Manuscript speech

B. Impromptu presentation

C. Visual aids

G. Testimony

Answer – W.

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