Study Guidebook Module Week 5 Essay

п»їStudy Guide: Module/Week 5

Based on the class textbook, The Fact of the New Testament: A Survey (2012), and the New Testament papers.

Chpater14: Ephesians – Prosperity, Walk, and Warfare

1 . Ephesians is a comprehensive display of the __________ ________ (1: 22–23). 2 . The apostle Paul had written Ephesians while imprisoned in ______ by approximately ADVERTISEMENT ______ (184). 3. The real key word in Ephesians can be " __________” (Gk. epouranioi). 4. Know the dimensions of the key verse in Ephesians.

5. The city of Ephesus was the capital of ____ ______ as well as the center of ______ ________ in the location (183). 6th. Ephesians was likely drafted as a round letter. What is meant by simply circular notification? 7. Exactly what are the 2 significant sections of Ephesians?

almost eight. How does the first product of Ephesians (1: 1–15) depict the first role of each and every Person of the Trinity (185–186)? 9. The Greek expression pistis (faith) carries a variety of meanings in the Fresh Testament. Talk about the various spectrums and fine detail which nuance is applicable to Eph a couple of: 8–10 (187). 10. Identify the concept of becoming " in Christ” as Paul shows it in the letter towards the Ephesians (188–189).

Chapter 12-15: Philippians – The Mind of Christ

1 ) Philippians can be described as an intensely ________ and intimately ________ notice (193–194). 2 . Paul composed to the chapel in the city of Philippi about AD 60 during his ________ imprisonment (193–194). a few. The key term in Philippians is " to ______” (Gk. phroneō). 4. Know the dimensions of the key sentirse in Philippians.

5. The account showing how the church in Philippi was established is given in ________ (194). 6. Discuss how Phil a couple of: 1–11 offers a profound example of how to live the mind of Christ (197). 7. According to Phil 2: 1–11, Jesus Christ is definitely the supreme sort of ____, ________, and __________ (197). almost eight. The Ancient greek language term ________emphasizes one's pondering and frame of mind. According to Paul's message to the Philippians, Christ-like thinking produces joy, peace, and contentment (197). 9. Discuss the emphasis of the term...

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