Format of Report Article

Internship Last Report Formatting


The internship final report should be a formal document written in prose that summarizes the internship experience. First-person (e. g., My spouse and i observed fluoroscopy…) style of articles are preferred above the third-person (Fluoroscopy was observed…) because the first-person voice is normally more brief, has gained acceptance in scientific writing, and is generally more interesting pertaining to the reader. General document duration is not as important as the content from the document. Reports should be your own operate and not plagiarized

Format & Content

Title Page

•Title of the internship program

•Student's name, enrollment no ., semester

•Faculty guide name, Naming

•Name of university, Section with Logo

•Date of submission

Table of Contents

Should include:

•Section & Subsection headings

•Page numbering

•List of desks / charts / graphs

Executive Synopsis (1 page)

An executive summary will need to present a summary of the total report to ensure that the evaluator include a quick look at the report Firm Overview (2-3 pages)

•Brief description from the organization

•Organization design with respect to the departmentalization, chain of command inside department, period of control, etc . •Products, competitors, marketplaces, etc .

•Financial performance of last 3 years

Position & Description of Duties (2 -3 pages)

•Your location title

•Description of division / part activities as well as operations you worked in during the internships period •Responsibilities assigned for you.

•Details of tasks finished, project taken on or training program attended Company / Departmental / Branch Analysis (5-6 pages)

This kind of must involve analytical scrutiny of the company various efficient aspects & should discuss: •Internal efficiency (relating to vision, approach, leadership, entrepreneurship, product, technological know-how, fund, human capital, business entrave, etc . ) •Internal deficiencies hindering the...

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