Should Simpson Be Considered a WWI Hero? Essay

Should certainly ‘Simpson' Be Considered a WWI Main character?

It is said that a person of the best noted Gallipoli reports is the history of ‘John Simpson and his donkey'. The storyplot is often told on Anzac Day, in schools and ceremonies which is told to show the soul of Anzac. For many people, Ruben Simpson Kirkpatrick is considered a hero with the first globe war, but , like many other debatable issues their is normally more than one side of the disagreement. There are many disputes to support both sides of this topics, but the primary question being Should ‘Simpson' be considered a WWI hero? Well, being deemed a main character of WWI is a huge honor to be placed.

One, from the main reasons so why John should be considered a ‘World War One' hero is perfect for the tremendous amount of hard work and dedication he previously shown. Simpson's job was a stretcher-bearer, therefore he had to get the wounded soldiers to ambulance channels or to private hospitals for treatment. A job like this needs more than dedication and hard work, it also takes a lot of perseverance.

One more why Kirkpatrick should be considered a WWI hero is because he risked his own existence on a daily basis in order to save the life more. Saving the lives more should be honored and acknowledged because it is one of the most courageous things that a person could do. What makes this even more courageous is the fact that Simpson cold have been wiped out at any given moment nevertheless chose to continue doing his job.

Today, on the other hand, in addition there are reasons why John Simpson Kirkpatrick really should not considered a WWI hero. For starters, there are many other people that did other jobs during the war but are certainly not honoured or perhaps recognised everywhere near while enough because Kirkpatrick is usually. People like soldiers which there tiny is known about them, they were the individuals fighting inside the war that they deserve some recognition, "" like breastfeeding, this job wasn't simple required a whole lot work and so they were people helping to cure the injured soldiers...

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