Romeo and Juliet Essay

Howard Bush

Sept. 2010 29, 2012

2nd Prevent

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is heralded as a superb " take pleasure in Story”. With Romeo becoming involved with Rosaline at the beginning, and the families for war these people were never considered to succeed as being a couple. Romeo and Juliet have seriously achieved an iconic position in the modern period, a story of young careless love that ends in disaster (book rags).

This couple knowledgeable love at first sight. Romeo, an associate of the Montague family, falls into love with Juliet, a part of the Capulet family to start with site (gogalegroup). The few first put eyes on each other at the Capulet home, when Romeo and his aunty Benvolio joined the Capulet masquerade. Romeo was unpleasant after recently being denied love simply by Rosaline, thus Benvolio and Romeo good friend Mercutio required Romeo to the Capulet party to convince Romeo other pretty ladies exist.

Juliet was set to see Paris to verify that she could fall in love with him. Juliet's father Lord Capulet told Paris he would need to wait 2 yrs to marry Juliet.

The wedding needed to be kept as being a secret (elements of literature). The fans are by families extended involved in a destructive and seemly intimidating feud (gogalegroup). Friar Lawrence performs the key wedding inside the hope that whenever the news is unveiled the feuds between the Montague's and the Capulet's will end. Before the marriage is revealed a battle breaks away (spark notes). The two men who are fighting is definitely Romeo closest friend Mercutio, and Juliet's aunty Tybalt. Romeo tries to separation the deal with, but in each of the commotion Tybalt kills Mercutio. Now furious and furious Romeo eliminates Tybalt. In order to restore peacefulness to Verona the Prince banishes Romeo from the metropolis. After the marital life and unaware of the secret wedding party, Lord Capulet forces a relationship between Juliet and Paris.

Juliet visits the Friar for support. The Friar suggests that before the wedding Juliet take a sleeping potion that might make this...

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