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Final Project

Jennifer Coffey


February twenty four, 2013

Albert Mays

Final Project

What information about variety in the United States offers helped you better understand or relate to others in ways that you could not have in the past?

In my research I have found confirmation of my own belief that diversity in america will only improve with time since the raising number of mixte unions enhance. I have also affirmed my personal belief that so long as society chooses that will put people into groups we will always include issues encircling fair treatment of people by all areas. It is the group mentality that harms our nation one of the most. So long as folks are divided they will lack the skills to conquer governmental intrusion into their personal lives. So long as " all of us the people” are divided we can continue to discover attacks about various categories of people, rather than the peace that unity may bring.

Perhaps you have learned something new about your very own racial, cultural, or cultural history?

I use learned that you will discover similarities among my own tradition and that of others. For example , I had been surprised to understand that brain coverings are not limited to Muslim women yet also include a lot of devote Judaism women. I found it intriguing to learn the behind it as well as how to put a single on. Used to do experiment with this at home away of curiosity and perhaps to feel a deeper personal connection to my personal roots. What is frightening to look for are rates such as this, ” " The myth of the Holocaust is a market that America invented, ” Shihab-Eddim stated, leaving not any room pertaining to doubt that the Egyptian authorities -- like Iran's -- has at a minimum significant components that reject humanity's very best crime of all. " U. S. intelligence agencies in cooperation with the counterparts in allied international locations during Ww ii created it [the Holocaust] to ruin the image of their opponents in Germany, also to justify warfare and massive damage against military and civilian facilities with the Axis forces, and especially hitting Hiroshima and Nagasaki while using atomic blast, ” Shihab-Eddim said. ” (Alster, 2013) Knowing that people like this remain in existence and find their voice pass on by the multimedia only furthers the fear I experience sometimes living like a Jewish woman. Trends in immigration is going to continue to form the demographics of the United States. And what will the U. S. inhabitants look like in the year 2050? So why do you think thus?

The United States in the year 2050 is often more of the burning pot, often referred to in our world. We have various from different races at this point, but in the future that number will probably be far larger. It is observed by Kotter, " From 2000 to 2050, the U. H. will add another 100 million to its human population, based on census and other projections, putting the region on a growth track much faster than most other major nations in the world. And with this growth -- driven with a combination of higher fertility rates and migrants -- should come a host of family member economic and social benefits. ” (Kotter, 2010) The increasing number of immigrants in the U. S. along with the raising number of mixed couples will make a country less " pure”, with this kind of I believe may come greater numbers of acceptance and less acts of discrimination.

What difficulties does the United states of america face as a result of diversity of its people?

The biggest problem the United States encounters is that of language barriers. It will be simple to declare everyone must speak British, but harder to put into practice. Unless the United States begins working toward a bilingual culture we will not only have the difficulties to face in the home, but as well hurt each of our ability to generate profits within a global marketplace. If we look toward various other industrialized countries, we can study from them. Their very own school children are taught various languages from young ages. The us still is waiting until the midsection school year which diminishes the ability of your child to understand and retain the information. All of us also...

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