Restaurant Assessment Essay

The Big Cheese Italian language Restaurant Assessment

Charlotte Kendrick

Professor Alexandra Alessandri

English 1101

10 October 2011

Charlotte Perkins

Professor Alexandra Alessandri

ENC 1101

6th November 2011

The Big Dairy products Italian Cafe Review

The sweet smell of garlic herb, tickles the nose as you park your car. Its sweet aroma guides your tastebuds to the unassuming establishments had been the Italian language flavor remains in the air.

First sight: The Big Cheese Italian Cafe lives up to thier name. When you first drive up, the car parking spaces happen to be tight and the area is incredibly crapped. Although once you are seated and begin your dining experience you overlook all the things that are not ideal and revel in the delightful meals that comes at the moment. For starters, the boys needed Calamari ($9. 95), 12 Wings ($9. 95) as well as the adults got Caesar Salad-Full Order ($9. 95). We knew instantly that we were in trouble with the amount of food that was positioned on the desk in front of us. The Calamari was fresh and not chewy according to the males, it didn't last long enough for the adults to taste. The Caesar Greens was completely phenomenal. The full size serving feed all adults as well as the boys. The lettuce was nice and crispy, the hint of anchovy was sufficient to have the importance hit the flavor buds with just the right volume of bite. The broken pepper provided it the right amount of spice and the dressing was sufficient to hide without drowning out the croutons. The addition of reddish colored onions for the salad increased the overall taste of the greens and we had a hard time blocking.

Atmosphere: The patio is an ideal place if you have children so they can help to make a mess and you simply won't feel bad. The light was sufficient to relaxed the energy that had accumulated during the week, but enough so that you could see everybody around you. Feel is what you will expect in case your dining expectation is one of a family oriented community restaurant that acts excellent...

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