Essay about Citizen Kane vs . the Bicycle Robber

Rank into traditional and modern day groups, film have been assessed for their styles and occasion. As a learn of tactics, Citizen Kane falls in to the classical category and showing the Italian Neorealism, The Bicycle Robber fits the modern class. Equally films make use of photography, mise en scene, editing, movement, and tale similarly and differently to emphasise their personal themes.

In both films, photography enjoyed a huge role to illustrate a theme. The application of camera sides, specific pictures, and lamps in Citizen Kane, support support the concept of supremacy. Inside the political campaign field, there is a lengthy shot establishing Kane's natural environment, which is overpowered by a monstrous poster of his deal with. This settles an undivided attention to Kane. As well the use of large contrast and spot lamps on the cartel, help collection the center of attention. Although Kane is definitely on the podium giving his political speech, Orson Welles uses a low angle shot to make him (Kane) appearance even larger, even though he is already on a stage. This implants his power over the audience, who also are taken at a top angle and compelled to take a submissive role. To top it all the use of a middle shot over the viewers, not only centers Kane but places him as the authority with the scene. In The Bicycle Robber, De Sica uses extended shots, excessive key and eye-level perspective to show the importance of a job for a person following WWII in Italy. On the scene where Antonio is definitely " trained” on his first day, the use of a long shot, establishes his environment. When he is being educated, kids begged around him and lots of people roamed the streets. Not simply is one aware Amrosini 2

from the character and content, although also forced to view the challenges endured at that point in time. The use of high crucial allows the viewer to clearly focus on the actions and thoughts around Antonio, which is crucial because although his work involves gluing posters, it truly is what spots food in the table. According to the long shot and large key of the scene,...

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