Analysis of Alice in Wonderland Dissertation

How do the editing and mise en field help to construct meaning and provoke response in the ‘Alice in Wonderland'? In Tim Burton's 2010 remake of ‘Alice in Wonderland', the micro features that relate with his production style give the classic story a quirky and alternative advantage. I have decided to analyse the scene in which Alice makes her access into ‘Wonderland' and fulfills some of the primary characters. Through this scene the director uses lighting, editing and enhancing and mise en field to present the idea of an ‘alternative world' that produces this film very fantasy and relatives based, nevertheless also reveals a difference in the original 1951 film so that it is about to appeal to a older target audience as well. This is certainly done making use of the props, décor, costume and makeup mainly because they present an aspect appealing and weirdness that is able to trigger a response coming from older children and teenagers as well. The film, although it is actually a modern rebuilding is still placed in the same time period as the original film and you are able to see the throughout the costume and make up which is used, however the editing and enhancing and animations show the futurism that Burton has involved, adding to the quirky idea surrounding the film. Due to the fact this is not only the first time we could see wonderland, but as well the first time Alice can remember viewing it, the atmosphere and mood is very interesting. If the camera pots and pans out, uncovering what exactly is displayed behind the door, the audience are merely as wondering and curious by what we are show as Alice, and this also provokes a response mainly because we think connected with the smoothness by the feeling of unfamiliar, meaning we are pulled into the story line and film thus we are able to read more. In all movies, Micro features are essential in every film, yet, in films that present a positive change from normality they must not only be able to seriously show the market the meaning with the original story line, but also draw all of them into the interesting side of what has become adapted and changed for his or her...

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