Reflection Paper on Parenting Principles


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B. H. Psychology, College or university of Sto. Tomas, 1995

Master of Arts in Education

Doctor Teody Meters. Pajaron

Doctor Evelyn R. Pajaron

ES621: Parenting, Schools and Success

International Graduate student School of Leadership

Quezon City, Philippines

Submitted 06 30, 2012

" What makes an effective mother or father? ” " How can one be efficient in his or perhaps her parenting? ” Answers to these inquiries are very all-important by a daddy or a mother who truly loves their children and has deep concern for them. These are basic questions which may be answered instantly but executing it passionately is another issue. Personally, understanding the genuine meaning of parenting needs to be clear into a person ahead of deciding to have kids. Even before our Parenting class, I knew I was short of my raising a child skills. Even though my husband and I were trying to always be the mother or father that God wants all of us to be, in some manner I can feeling that there have been things that people were not carrying out properly. This made me much more interested to take up this subject. As expected, just after the first day of class, God enabled me to find out that I has not been doing it His way. As a mother, I had been not praying as often as earnestly as I should for each and every of my own children. Of course, if I are praying, I used to be only seeking what is present and not all their future lives. I was shaken when I noticed that there were factors in our raising a child style which were not aiding our children to mature in their respective parts of growth. And i also am grateful that God has allowed me to gain a lot of observations not only from our readings but more relevantly, on the real life experiences of your teachers.

One of the concepts that really built an impact in me is praying pertaining to my children. That was the very first thing that I heard (or at least the very first that struck me real hard) from Got Bing because she was talking about how she and Kuya Teody raised their kids. Praying for them is one of the greatest things that I, as a mother or father, can carry out for my own children. My spouse and i am simply a human being and can only do so much, but the Lord is above all. He is sovereign and This individual holds their lives and knows precisely what is best for these people so I give each that you Him. I am aware there is electric power in plea and that in prayer I will never make a mistake for it is usually God that will keep them, bless them, information and will direct them in the way that they should go.

Environment a godly example is yet another principle that I would like to regularly apply in my parenting. " Practice whatever you preach” and " Walk your talk” are some of the sayings I use heard a couple of times from each person. This theory is oftentimes taken casually or even neglected by several parents. All of us usually forget that children are imitators and in addition they understand quickly by seeing. We, as parents, should model behaviors that our children can copy. What they find and listen to us is actually they will also perform and state. As one writer puts it, " kids may or may not listen to each of our words, nevertheless they always focus on our activities. ” It is extremely easy for myself to say a whole 3-point rollo to my personal children about what they ought to perform and how they must behave although I know this is not what they require. They need to see me putting into action the things i teach them. If I want them to figure out how to trust The almighty in anything, then I should demonstrate trust in God with difficult times but also in my activities such as helping my husband manage our family, the finances and also as I attain my tasks in the workplace. I've learned that once children notice that their mother and father are living types of God's Term, it is easier for them to modify godly principles, thus producing learning even more meaningful.

The 3rd principle that we am also trying my best to practice is to offer my children quality time. I've read that time shared with the kids is not wasted as well as I agree with this. During school courses and...

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