psychology of psychedelic medications Essay

Katz, Martin. (1968). Characterizing the psychological point out produced by lsd. Journal of Abnormal Mindset, 73(1), 1-14. doi: 10. 1037/h0020114

This post shows the results of trials applying 69 prison inmates and administering LSD, amphetamine, and a control saline to learn their effects on sentiment. These results, showing 3 main mental states of LSD intoxication, were predicted to be within further going through the psychological beginning of emotions. Check, Erika. (2004). Psychedelic drugs: The ups and downs of ecstasy. Character, 429(6988), 126. Retrieved from

In this nature log, the beneficial uses of MDMA (ecstasy) are tested on individuals with PTSD. The article talks about how the empatheogenic effects of phentermine could possibly let one to open to others with increased trust and confidence, most likely allowing alleviation from the PTSD. The long term effects of only a session or a lot of sessions with MDMA may permanently impact the emotional perspective of one suffering from PTSD. Macready, Norra. (2012). Opening doors of perception: psychedelic drugs and end-of-life proper care. Journal with the National Malignancy Institute, 104(21), 1619-20. Gathered from

Using generally psilocybin mushrooms as the drug appealing, this article points out how typical psychedelic medications (LSD, mushrooms, mescaline, DMT, and MDMA) could aid the fragile mental state of these terminally unwell. The author demonstrates that patients feel a connectedness to the " energy” of life and also have much less fear of death after the psychoactive effects of these kinds of drugs provides worn off. Carhart-harris, Robin L. (2012). Neural correlates in the psychedelic state as determined by fmri research with psilocybin. Proceedings with the National Academy of Savoir of the United States of America, 109(6), 2138-43. Gathered from

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