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Meaning of the Sector

TheВ cosmetics industryВ is dominated by a small number ofВ multinational corporationsВ that originated in the earlyВ 20th century. The distribution and sale of cosmetic makeup products is propagate among a variety of different businesses. The largest cosmetic companies areВ The L'OrГ©al Group, В The Procter & Chance Company, В Unilever, В Shiseido Organization, LimitedВ and EstГ©e Lauder Businesses, Inc.

Avon, having 72% of their net sales on Beauty products on 2008, is one of the companies that manufactured their names in the cosmetics industry. The need for cosmetic products normally remains constant and unaffected by simply economic distress making more and more companies centering their marketplace on beauty items.

Due to Around the world, companies are at this point creating goods that are environment friendly. A research says that consumers are unlikely to give up their responsibilities to natural products just to save just a little money. Major Competitors

Avon Products Incorporation. considers Mary Kay, Incorporation. and Revlon, Inc. because their major opponents. Mary Kay, Inc. 's distribution funnel resembles regarding Avon which can be direct promoting while Revlon, in contrast, provides its products through cosmetic counter tops in shops and medical stores. Although Mary Kay, Incorporation. is a key competitor, it can be nearly 8 times smaller than Avon with only 5, 600 workers worldwide in comparison with 42, 000 of Avon. The graph and or chart below reveals the a comparison of Avon and Mary Kay for the season 2008.



Market Cover

$9. 71 Billion

242. 84 Mil


forty two, 000

a few, 600

Quarterly Rev. Development

-12. 90%

-2. 70 percent


10. 37 Billion

1 . thirty four Billion

Major Margin

63. 03%

63. 48%


1 . forty-four Billion

171. 40 Mil

Operating Margins

12. 07%

11. 42%

Net Income

807. 90 , 000, 000

28. 60 Million


1 . 884

1 . 422

For the entire year 2008, the revenue of Avon far exceeded their competitors, with Mary Kay selling $2. 40 billion dollars and Revlon selling $1. 35 billion dollars as compared to Avon's $10. 37 billion.

Industry Analysis

Porter's your five Forces

Michael Porter's Five Forces



Danger of New Entrants


a couple of

Rivalry Among existing companies



Threat of substitute products



Bargaining benefits of buyers



Bargaining power of suppliers



Relative benefits of other stakeholders


1 . Threat of New Entrants

The threat of new entrants in cosmetic industry is modest. Although it needs a lot of capital to be invested in research and development and also to the actual production of the item, small firms can still enter the market by producing natural alternatives by low cost. installment payments on your Rivalry among existing organizations

The attentiveness of corporations creating cosmetics is excessive especially in produced countries although low in developing countries. This kind of creates a moderate rivalry amongst existing firms. 3. Threat of replace products

Cosmetics are becoming more popular. This is the reason why the necessity for these goods is certainly not affected by monetary distress. People will continue to buy cosmetic products because they know the importance of these products and their impacts about improving self confidence, self-esteem and self graphic. The menace for alternative products is moderate inside the cosmetic sector. This is because even there are hardly any known businesses in the cosmetic industry, you will still find substitute products like normal alternatives. four. Bargaining power of buyers

The bargaining benefits of buyers is definitely strong. The main reason for this is the fact that firms in the cosmetic industry will be creating almost the same products. The price tends to be a major factor in choosing which in turn brand to get because items usually have similar quality or little big difference. This forces companies to lessen the price to obtain a higher business. 5. Bargaining power of suppliers

The aesthetic industry contains a weak bargaining power of suppliers. This is due to the high number of competitors in the market plus the large...

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