Unit 012 Essay

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Result 1

AC1) Explain for what reason working in relationship with other folks is important for youngsters and the younger generation. It is important to work in partnership when tending to children and young people since it is vital we make sure that the kid is being maintained at the highest possible level. One example is if we have a mistrust that a kid is being neglected but all of us keep this suspicion to ourselves instead of informing the correct people, in that case maybe the case would never end up being solved and outcome could be very serious and in many cases life threatening. AC2) Identify who have relevant associates would be in own job setting. Parents/Carers

Early years



Wellness Visitors

Social Personnel


Very small Tums

AC3) Define the characteristics of successful partnership working Good Connection

Value Opinions

Provide accurate Info

Listen to other folks

Be Flexible

Retain Confidentiality

Take care of agencies similar

Working together


AC4) Identify barriers to collaboration working

Different Skills

Accustomed to working by itself

Different Priorities

Vocabulary Barriers

Communication Barriers



Conflict of individuality

Personal Issues

End result 2

AC1) Describe why clear and effective interaction between companions is required Very clear and powerful communication among partners is necessary and essential because making sure that no details is missed out is vital, this is thus we know everything about that child. For example whenever we pick up a child from school and this child dropped and bumped their head in school although due to not enough communication these details was not given to to us. That kid could have problems with blurry eyesight later on inside the day and we'd have zero explanation. This may also be a thing small like telling a mom or dad what the youngster has had to eat so they don't have a similar thing at home. AC2) Identify plans and types of procedures in the operate setting for information sharing Info Protection Action

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