What Is Great Art? Exploration Paper


August 26, 2011

What is Great Art?

It is sometimes said that, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'.

What keeps beauty to one, may not to a new. It is a not so difficult idea, and apparently when calculated resonates truthfully within just so many of us for it to have grown to be such a popularly enunciated phrasing among the list of masses. Therefore if a idea such as splendor, can be that subjective, can your same be said for any medium of largely interpretative and conceptual products? Our company is speaking, in this case, of artwork. (Bowen). Art is so several things to lots of people, and many people a sculpture, a art work, or old cave fine art, it holds that means and worth. According to Rob Bowen of fuelyourcreativity. com, " In order to be labeled as art, it should connect with an individual. It must maneuver them enough to translate its that means and response what it means to them. If does not do that, then it is much less art, and even more creative expression”. So whether it is paintings by simply Vermeer, or sculptures simply by Rodin and Bernini, or cave skill, it is all great art. They can all be interpreted to mean something to somebody.

Art features definitely altered, with so various mediums becoming created considering that the times of cave art. Even during the times of cave artwork, artist required ways to go to town. This was required for many ways around the cave surfaces, with a method being throwing out pigments on a hands placed against a wall (" The Cave”). Similar to the ancient cave art, Vermeer's paintings portrayed his imagination. Most of his paintings portrayed private occasions, using light to emphasize his subjects (" The Vermeer Art Gallery”). He also used the backgrounds of his works of art to touch at points he adored, like the marine in the painting The Love Letter (" The Vermeer Art Gallery”).

The cave art seen for culture. gouv is similar to Rodin's sculptures as a result of attention to detail. When I consider the sculptures by Auguste Rodin, I can see the time spent adding specifics like face expressions, curly hair, clothing, and body features. I can...

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