Marijuana Decriminialized Essay

Crim AB1

Michael jordan Diplock

This summer 06/10

By: Navi Sahsi 300086002

(Changes are proven by ** on both ends with the changed sections) **The main argument and suggestion of this paper is the fact marijuana needs to be legalized and decriminalized. According to my personal research on this topic, it might be a favourable change to each of our society due to a reduction in criminal activity, a reduce the range of and teens involved in lawbreaker activities, and fewer money spent on enforcement along with taxation as positive cash-flow for a country/province to be intended for positively impacting society. **

The fact that police throughout B. C. usually only crush or confiscate the marijuana demonstrates that the law is not well enforced. Typically you are let go, hence the message that puts inside the heads of teens and adults in this article, is that having marijuana is not that big of a deal. It us understandable that there police are attempting to catch greater fish rather than dealing with small ones, although that does not mean some people must be let go and more punished for the similar reason. That may be simply just unjust. If that they really want to make use of this problem off of the streets everyone should be equally punished. **There should be a set of rules and regulations regarding the amount of marijuana a person is allowed to have with them and should just be distributed through business or perhaps hospitals. A suggested amount could be a gram or 10 dollars worth, which might vary depending on if the bud was possibly prescribed by a doctor or bought at a convenience retail outlet. (If it were to be legalized it would and should be distributed like tobacco. )** One more suggestion would be to have a chart or perhaps graph that explains what amount is definitely punishable and with what implications. If it is for private use, by way of example a dime (2 joints), anyone should have their particular information taken down and let move. This may be a harmless bag of weed that was meant to be recreationally smoked, OR the last with the ounce that were there for releasing. On the other hand in the event that someone is definitely...

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