Political and Legal, Cultural and Sociable in Maldives Essay

Cultural and Social

Maldives is a fabulous island inside the Indian Ocean that makes it the tiniest country in the world population wise that appeals to many tourists all year round. Maldives offers numerous water activities such as surfboarding, diving and most importantly, snorkelling. The potential number of customers could be the younger older tourists.

Prior to the business expands their organization there, they must look at a couple of aspects. Firstly, the language that is used in Maldives. Common terminology used in Maldives is Dhivehi and The english language. So , it is not a problem pertaining to the business to expand their very own business, since the language barrier is no problem. If the Maldivians do not understand The english language, the business must find a ubersetzungsprogramm to translate the meaning is trying to share to them. The business should be mindful to never use product names which might be offensive mainly because some words bring distinct meanings in different countries.

Next is the religion of Maldivians. Islam has embraced in Maldives since the yr 1153. Lately, almost all the Maldivians are Muslim. The organization have to take into mind the ‘Halal and Haram' in Islam. The business must bear with the Maldivians during Ramadan time because they cannot participate in water activities in that period of time. They need to know that they may make manages to lose during the period of time because the Maldivians will not play surfboarding throughout time. Apart from that, the business has to consider the social and norms of the people in Maldives. Wide range of people in Maldives happen to be Muslim, consequently they have different social values and norms. The approval of the business's products or service highly depends on the persons in Maldives. If they do not purchase the items, the business is not going to make virtually any profits consequently , the business looks a huge trouble where they will have to close down their particular business.

Personal and Legal


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