PGCE Module 1 Task Essay

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Introduction 04 Educational Alteration and Information Technology 05 My own Ideal School and My Ideal Classroom: My Eyesight 06

Curriculum – Core and Invisible 07 Active Learning '08 Ethos and Social and Emotional Part of Learning 09 Learning environment 11 Improvement – Expression, Assessment, CPD 12 Bottom line 14 References 15


Why is education so important in today's fast-paced culture? How can all of us, today's teachers, help the students obtain their educational goals and discover their wealth and happiness? Trilling and Hood, (2001), explain the essence of education in society and discuss the transformation of its traditional goals:

Education empowers visitors to contribute to culture, fulfil their personal skills, fulfil their very own civic responsibilities and bring tradition forwards (Trilling and Hood, 2001: 9).

In accordance to all of them, these educational goals happen to be vital and in addition they " never have changed the move from your Industrial Age group to Knowledge Age” (p. 9). However , our response and " cultural context” to each of these goals include changed greatly, creating " brand new units of requirements (p. 9). ” One of those " social demands” is usually to produce top quality knowledge personnel, who will get new skills based on the demands expertise Age and use them towards knowledge development.

For a change in a knowledge society to occur, we need to turn to new, cutting edge and strong ideas that will fulfil the needs of the new technology and satisfy requirements of the new time. Hargreaves, (2003) is strongly convinced that teaching is key agent of change in the information society; therefore , teachers must move " beyond the citadel of the classroom to being, and preparing their very own students to be, citizens of the world” (p. 2).

Having acquired the valuable and necessary expertise and furnished with knowledge in the new period, I wonder if we could create an " ideal” world where the students could prosper from it and find their wealth and joy. If we would be to believe that best societies are present, then best schools and classrooms ought to support as well as the alternative development of modern-day students and develop the essential attributes that could enable them to encounter long term.

In this conventional paper, I develop the concepts about the importance of change in today's education and talk about the crucial features in a college environment plus the value of pedagogy and methodologies for classroom and school managing. Writers through this field just like Marsh, (1997), Kress et al., (2005), Pollard (2002), Hargreaves and Wolfe (2007) will provide important appreciation.  This paper also discusses reflection, assessment and feedback within the educational program as the main part of improvement and effective learning. We conclude while using discussion of collaboration and specialist development while integral features for educational transformation.

Educational Transformation and Information Technology

Trilling and Engine, (2001) stress the possibility of attainments of the social and educational goals with the expansion and need for Information Technology.  They recommend active...

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