Personal Economic Planning Worksheet Essay

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Appendix W

Personal Monetary Planning Worksheet

Directions: Based on your blood pressure measurements and discussion posts in class recently, answer the following questions totally.

1 . The creating a comprehensive plan to meet your financial demands and prepare for the future is called: B a. Developing goals.

b. Personal financial planning.

c. Collecting financial info.

d. Personal finance.

2 . Which from the following is not one of the five major actions of the financial planning method? a. Evaluate your current budget. C

b. Establish and implement the plan.

c. Collect and organize economical information.

m. Reevaluate and revise the plan since needed.

three or more. Which stage in life is usually associated with give attention to marriage, friends and family, purchasing a house, and job development? C a. Young years

b. Between your 50s and 60s

c. Overdue 20s throughout your 40s

m. During pension

4. Which in turn of the subsequent are some great things about having a degree that can influence your financial planning? D a. The potential to make a higher earnings

b. Careers with pension plans and benefits

c. The ability to receive promotions and wage boosts d. All of the above

5. Which from the following aspects of a comprehensive economical plan go over analyzing upcoming needs, such as saving for retirement or university funding for dependants? A a. Building wealth

n. Securing basic needs

c. Establishing a strong foundation

g. Protecting riches and dependants

six. People have different styles when it comes to controlling their money. List the two issues that impact our personal beliefs and opinions about financial organizing. The two issues affecting each of our personal morals and viewpoints are Ideals and Behaviour. Values happen to be fundamental morals about what is important in life. Thinking are opinions and psychological differences between people...

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