Doing Business in Bangladesh Essay

Doing Business in Bangladesh

Working in Bangladesh

Howladar Yunus & Co. Chartered Accountants

February 2012

Howladar Yunus & Company.

Chartered Accountants

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Palinode Introduction The Forms and Business Enterprises Immediate Taxation Exchange Control Other styles of Taxation Labour Relations and Sociable Security Grants and Offers Quality of Life Appendix – A: Rates of Taxes Appendix – W: Rates of Taxes - Companies Appendix – C: RJSC Fees

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Doing Business in Bangladesh 2012


Howladar Yunus & Co.

Chartered Accountancy firm


The content of this book is dependent on the laws in operation and information available at the time of publication, which can subsequently have changed. Even though every care has been consumed its development, no responsibility can be acknowledged for any actions undertaken or refrained by as a consequence of this material. Translation of laws, in the appropriate circumstances, from Bengali to English in this book has not been authenticated by any kind of competent authority. A great work was made to assure literal translation of the lawswhich have been printed in French only. Nevertheless , sometimes the free translation became required to make the issue understandable. Specific professional advice should always be attained based on personal circumstances or specific case. If there is virtually any contradiction on any issue of this book with that of the official journals or decision of the proficient authority with the Bangladesh Government, the afterwards shall dominate. Author allows no responsibility whatsoever for almost any action undertaken or refrained from as a result of the information covered herein.


Bangladesh is a combination of competitive industry, business-friendly environment and cost structure that can give the finest returns. Bangladesh offers a well-educated, remarkably adaptive and industrious labor force with the cheapest wages and salaries in the area. 57. thirty percent of the populace is beneath 25, providing a youthful group for recruiting. The country offers consistently produced a skilled staff catering to investors demands. English can be widely used, making interaction easy. Bangladesh is strategically located next to India, Chinese suppliers and ASEAN markets. Bangladesh has proved to be a stunning investment site with its 146. 6 mil population and consistent monetary growth bringing about strong and growing home demand. Energy prices in Bangladesh are definitely the most competitive in the region. Bangladesh provides the most tolerante FDI program in Southern Asia, allowing for 100% international equity with unrestricted quit policy, easy remittance of royalty, and repatriation of profits and incomes. Bangladesh offers export-oriented industrial portion with infrastructural facilities and logistical support for international investors.

Conducting business in Bangladesh 2012


Howladar Yunus & Co.

Chartered Accountancy firm

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4. 1 ) GEOGRAPHY/STATISTICS Bangladesh is located in the Southern Asia, bordering the Bay of Bengal while using coastline covering up 580 kilometres between Burma & India with the land boundaries 4, 246 kilometers where Burma covered 193 km and India protected 4, 053 km. Enough time difference is usually GMT+6. The Total area is definitely 147, 570sq km as well as the total populace is 164, 425, 491. The environment of the country is focused while tropical; mild winter (October to March); hot, humid summer (March to June); humid, nice rainy monsoon (June to October). Official language is definitely Bangla (Bengali). English is usually widely used in Government, Business and Colleges. Out of total human population, Muslim 89. 6 %, Hindu 9. 3 %, Buddhist zero. 5%, Christian 0. 3% and Other zero. 3%.

5. 2 . ECONOMIC CLIMATE The financial position from the country is GDP/PPP (2011 est. ): $100 billion; per capita $664, Real growth price: 6%, Pumpiing: 11. 3%. The Industrial sectors are Materials, Jute, Clothing, Tea Digesting, Paper...

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