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Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission:

We strive to be the global leader in rendering products and services of unsurpassed quality for the marine, gas and oil industries, adding value to all or any of our clients as well as exceeding their objectives. Clients is important for a organization, because clientele bring rewards, it is a benefits of enterprise expansion and quitar. Our Perspective:

To construct and deliver superior quality top-side modules, semi-submersibles, and platforms pertaining to the marine, oil and gas industries, consistently exceeding beyond all of our customers' expectations, out performing our rivals, enhancing our shareholders' benefit and offering a dynamic environment for both equally our staff and sub-contractors. Clients, opponents employees and sub-contractors happen to be us we need to properly handle the relationship. All are important for us. Our convinced that they need to be regarded as. Can not damage the passions of them.

Each of our Values:

The Values contain commitment, sincerity, respect, dedication and team-work. We believe that putting these values into practice produces long-term benefits for our clients, shareholders, employees and business partners. (DYNA-MAC HOLDINGS LIMITED. ABOUT DYNA-MAC Mission, Eyesight & Principles


Shareholders: in the event that an organisation would like to follow a strategy that will involve a large capital injection, the shareholders will be unhappy in case the injection posseses an adverse impact on their salary stream. Staff: if an organisation wishes to adhere to a strategy that results in employees being given more responsibility for monitoring quality, employees may be unsatisfied unless this increased role is maintained an increase in wages. Customers: if an organisation desires to follow a strategy that boosts the quality of the product at the same time as increasing the price, existing customers may not be willing to pay more for the product, while new customers are not attracted to a product that they are going to view to be of low quality. DYNA-MAC: HR Mission and Vision Affirmation

Dyna-Mac embraces fair job practices and aims to become an employer of choice. We sponsor, retain and motivate respected employees and optimize their potential and capabilities for their personal development as well as contribute to the growth of the Company. Dyna-Mac provides an thrilling and fulfilling career with competitive remuneration to our valued employees. All of us also provide a dynamic and challenging work environment for constant learning which include training and job rotation. As we gain our business and placement as a global leader, our persons also advantage with the development associated within their respective areas and administration skills. We want talent who have are excited, have the " can do” attitude and go radical to deliver leads to our clients, and, not reducing on the safety and the quality standards which can be our key priority and what has turned Dyna-Mac as being a company today. Employee Rewards and Dormitory

1 . Staff Benefits

We feel a happy staff is an effective employee. This is why Dyna-Mac provides competitive compensation and comprehensive well being benefit program that fulfills the requires of our varied workforce. We provide family-related rewards and insurance protection plans for both peace of mind and relevance to the type of operate that is required for this industry. We believe in fostering group spirit and family togetherness. To promote this, we set up events of social cohesiveness and cultural awareness to get our personnel by partying festivals, starting from the China New Year, Family members Day and Dinner & Dance. We believe in creating challenging possibilities that provides each of our staff with in-depth experience and develop employees' office skills. All of us also provide associated with a continuous learning environment and regular performance reviews to help their...

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