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Opinion Essay

Nowadays there are plenty of motivation hypotheses which offer a great opportunity for employers to use the human capital more effectively. Nevertheless , it is very important to comprehend that a theory that works in one country not necessarily will work within one. To prove it, I would like to exhibit an example simply by comparing the motivation amount of middle managers from Sweden and Spain as a result of using the same motivation tools. For example I would like to work with Maslow's Will need Theory and my speculation is: Earnings level is a more important encouraging factor intended for Russian central managers than for Swedish managers. To start with, I should mention the fact that living conditions in Russia and Sweden change greatly. Applying need theory language, Russians are likely to be at a lower degree of the need structure than Swedes. So , the first types should be more interested in increasing their particular salary level. Secondly, although the middle managers my example is based on have above-average wages, they often have to share all their salaries with less well-to-do relatives, specifically retired parents and grandparents who obtain very small pensions on which 1 cannot survive. As we all know, in Sweden the specific situation differs tremendously from the things i have just described. Thus, Russians should be ready to accept the very fact that they will have to work harder to obtain a higher salary although Swedes may possibly prefer to have an easier time at a well-paid work and a guaranteed income. It does not imply that Swedes do not have relatives, it really is mean that living conditions in Russian federation and Laxa, sweden differ enormously. Last but not least, abundant and poor Russians alike struggle to fulfill basic requires such as affording a nourishing diet, ideal heath care, and a significant standard of living. Nevertheless , in a welfare state just like Sweden these items are taken for granted. Taking almost everything into account, I will say that since salary is an essential vehicle to achieve these fundamental needs intended for Russian...

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