OLFRUT Composition


The aim is to analyze the performance of Olfrute in the market and the reasons which lead to its demise. INTRODUCTION

This kind of research is about Olfrute a juice company under the banner of Engro Foods. There are serious difficulties with this brand, and this will serve as the basis on this report. some Ps of Olfrute have been tackled individually and challenges in each of them have been recognized and discussed. Repositioning of Olfrute is discussed along with the pros and cons of it. An overview of its financial statements for the modern times is also offered. Quantitative part of the record deals with the numerical conclusions from sample survey of fifty respondents. In the end, future programs of Engro Foods in relation to Olfrute have been completely discussed along with some suggestions. COMPANY INFO

Engro Firm Limited is definitely clearly a firm which requires no intro. With just a couple of years in the court as Engro Corporation Limited they have managed to get substantial success which is growing exponentially. It includes various subsidiaries such as Engro Foods, Engro Polymer and chemicals, Engro Fertilizers, Engro Powergen and Engro Eximp. For the sake of the size of the research aim, Engro Food and its product Olfrute will be majorly targeted up on. Engro Foods was officially launched as a subsidiary of Engro Corp in 2007. That launched itself with Olpers. It just would not enter the industry but struck it having a bang loud enough to literally move already existing players in the industry. Instant success of Olpers seriously helped produce Engro Food brand equity. This induced its growth in dairy sector. The financials associated with this have been completely given below. To be able to diversify, Engro Foods entered ice-creams and beverage sector. Engro Firm is an epitome of diversification; one of its staff said, " We are under no circumstances afraid of striving new things below. The success of Engro Foods is usually attributed to this attitude...

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