My Last Duchess: Duke’s Personality Analysis Research Newspaper

In the poem my last duchess, Robert Pistolet carefully designs the character in the duke to illustrate that vengeful men power can lead to dire implications for women. Firstly, the speeches and toasts of the dukes reveal a great deal about his character. For instance , the duke says " she thanked men, --good; but thanked /somehow… I know not how”. (Browning 31-32) this displays both his arrogant power and his contempt for his duchess, both of which business lead her decline. Here, the duke discloses to his silent listener that his last duchess " thanked” men, inferring something improper. He then says, " …as if the lady ranked/my items of a eight hundred years outdated name/with anybody's gift. Who would stoop to blame/ this type of trifling? ”. (Browning 32—35) in his cockiness, the fight it out believes that his previous duchess really should have been attentive to him as he had offered her a " 900 year old name”. This declaration illustrates his power because his older family name shows he can a rich and powerfulk man. This statement likewise illustrates his vengeful nature as he says he would not really " stoop” to blame her for being polite to additional men. Instead, he precise his chosen punishment; fatality. Consequently, someone realizes the duke features absolute electric power and he has channeled it in a vengeful and devastating style towards his last duchess. Furthermore, Lightly browning continues to uncover the character with the duke if the duke says, " Oh, sir, she smiled, without doubt, /Whene'er I passed her; but who also passed without/ much the same smile? This grew; I gave commands; /then all laughs stopped together”. (Browning 45-46) with this statement by the duke, browning forces the realization which the duke employed his capacity to give directions to put his wife to death. The duke would this away of revenge because=e the duchess did not treat him with view and it offended him. Consequently, the final duchess was the recipient of the vengeful cruelty of her husband that resulted in her death. Finally, the duke's power is most apparent in the silent listener,...

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