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Respects Biology – Genetics Merged Review Worksheet

For each with the following:

u Identify the genotypes in the parents

to Complete a Punnett Square

u Give the genotypic AND phenotypic results with the cross (percentage OR ratio)

1 . In fruit lures, long wings are dominating to brief wings. Result in a cross among a short winged male and a heterozygous female.

installment payments on your In certain flowers, blue and yellow plants are incompletely dominant to each other. Show the mix between a pure green flower and a pure yellow floral.

3. Using the same bouquets as in #2, cross a natural flower using a yellow flower.

4. In certain species of wildcats, blue lashes and crimson spots happen to be codominant. Demonstrate cross among a man with lines and a girl with spots and lines.

a few. In individuals, blood type is controlled by multiple alleles – A, B & U. Show the get across between a male with Type To blood and a woman with Type AB blood. What blood types will NOT be present in their offspring?

6. In humans, man pattern baldness is an X-linked trait. Demonstrate cross among a man that is not bald and a girl that is a transporter.

six. In some birds the gene for feather color is controlled by codominance. Feather are either black or white. The heterozygous state is called erminette. Show the mix between a rooster with black feathers and a great erminette woman.

almost eight. In pet cats, coat color is handled by a codominant, sex-linked gene. Calico pet cats have both orange and black splotches on their white colored coat. Demonstrate cross between an orange splotched man and a calico feminine.

on the lookout for. Oompahs Loomphas generally possess blue looks which is the effect of a dominant gene. The recessive condition ends in an fruit face. Demonstrate cross between an orange colored faced man and a heterozygous feminine.

10. Oompahs can include red, green or crimson hair. Purple hair results from the heterozygous condition....

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