Movie Theater Persuasive Essay


Period 1& 2

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Have you ever ever been to Harkins Arcadia 8 lately? Well they are closing their particular doors. Each of the kids around town which includes myself will be disappointed and want to keep the cinema open.

Kids appreciate going to the cinema after school and on the weekends. Only some kids is able to see new movies because it is away of their way/area. It is the cheapest theater we understand. Kids always go to the theater after college and on the weekends. Imagine it is following school, you have no home work, what are you supposed to do stay around and stay bored? Children love viewing movies, especially new ones. Not every kid has a Auto dvd player to watch Dvd videos. If we were holding to close the theater youngsters couldn't observe movies unless of course they go out of their approach. Some father and mother don't have an auto to drive their children to a different theatre and Harkins Arcadia almost 8 is in jogging distance for a lot of people, in case the only various other theater is out of their method how do they will get there? I understand a lot of fogeys who don't want to take their kids to a movie theatre far from their homes. In addition, not all parents want to go for the movie theater. Most children I know can go to that theatre buy a ticket and snacks prove allowance! Father and mother don't wish to spend lots of money on costly theaters both. Since it is cheaper kids can easily see movies often. I know that some people believe " The movies are just like Capital t. V. so why cant kids just home and watch Big t. V. totally free? ” Very well everybody likes to get out of your house kids dislike to be not enough in the house all the time watching To. V.

Again, each of the kids around really want to maintain your theater available. Kids might be their following school and on the week-ends. They can't see movies in the event the theater is always to far out with their way/area. It is the cheapest cinema we know.

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