Deceptive Quarrels Essay

Spotting Deceptive Fights Exercise

Carol L. Gaskins


Drive 16, 2012

Professor Constance Reiss Harvey

Recognizing Deceitful Arguments Physical exercise

1 . The Supreme The courtroom has a greater obligation to protect the legal rights of subjects rather than the ones from criminals.

Solution: b (categorical statements)

2 . It can be clear to each intelligent person that the Eighth Amendment for the U. H. Constitution, prevention of cruel and unusual treatment, does not tavern the use of victim impact transactions.

Answer: a (bandwagon)

three or more. Victim reforms will eliminate the constitutional rights from the accused.

Answer: b (categorical statement)

some. The conservative, prejudiced Substantial Court judges are too ridiculous to recognize the rights in the accused.

Answer: c (personal attack)

five. Every respectable lawyer thinks the injury a sufferer suffered because of a defendant should be considered when deciding punishment.

Solution: b (categorical statements)

6. Victims include absolutely no rights at all.

Solution: b (categorical statement)

7. Everyone confirms that victim reforms will be false pledges made by legislators seeking to please voters concerned with crime.

Solution: a (bandwagon)

8. The victims' privileges movement created because victims of criminal offense felt they had no legal rights in the criminal justice system.

Answer: in (no deceitful argument)

9. Thurgood Marshall, a pro-criminal, bleeding-heart liberal, considers the harm a victim endured irrelevant in a criminal trial.

Answer: c (personal attack)

10. As Justice Ruben Paul Stevens correctly remarks, the defendant should have more rights than the state within a criminal trial.

Answer: g (testimonial)

10. Victim impact statements push juries to base all their decisions on emotion instead of on target facts.

Answer: b (categorical)

12. While Deborah Kelly, chair in the American Club Association's Victims' Committee, effectively concludes, victims' satisfaction with all the...

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