Mcdonald csr Essay

Corporate Social Responsibility

Human Legal rights: Discrimination and vulnerable groupings

McDonalds does not discriminate up against the vulnerable teams. McDonalds give many doing work chance for the vulnerable organizations in order to recognize and help them to be the part of the society.

Labor methods:

McDonalds dosage provide security workplace towards the employees.

McDonalds should also give enough relaxing time to the employees to ensure they will not be too tired but not affect the employees' health.


McDonald techniques to reduce, recycle and reuse in the eating places.

REDUCE: BY changing the majority of the foam packaging to paper, McDonald provides reduced the waste by 80%.

RECYCLE: McDonald utilizes reusable materials whenever feasible, as long as they do not compromise the safety and care standards.


PAPER: McDonald is one of the major users of recycled paper items in Hong Kong. They use corrugated cardboard boxes made with recycled content.

PRODUCT PACKAGING: Much of McDonald's packaging is definitely from reused material. McDonald does not work with any CFC's as a blowing foam agent.

OTHER: Recycled materials are also used to make in-store trays.


To keep the surrounding environment clean, McDonald's eating places in Hk use electrostatic precipitators to eliminate airborne grease from the kitchen exhausts. In addition , exhaust shops are correctly located to avoid nuisance.

Converting squander oil in to useable strength:

In collaboration with a waste oil recycling where possible company given the green light by the environmental safety department, McDonald's converts waste materials oil arising form the daily operations of the restaurants into useable energy such as rme. This answer ensures the waste oil does not dirty the environment helping McDonald bring about a even more green future.

*The above info are contacted to the report of McDonald.


Ronald McDonald Home Charities®

The mission of Ronald McDonald House is usually to provide a 'home away from...

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