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U05A1 – Processes for Enterprise Architecture (EA) Evaluation May 19, 2014

Kristal Singletary

Capella University

MBA-FP6182 – Effect of Advances in I . t

Instructor: May well Johnson


Enterprise architecture (EA) is usually defined just as a theoretical roadmap that identifies the organization and function associated with an organization together with the goal to determine how the business can most successfully obtain its current and long term objectives (SearchCIO, 2007). While there are many obtainable EA frameworks available, a common theme together are 4 distinct points-of-view. The business perspective defines the program operational procedures and benchmarks. The conversation among these types of processes and standards is usually classified because the application perspective. An information point of view defines and classifies info the organization requires in order to successfully operation. Finally, the hardware, operating systems, coding, and network solutions utilized by the organization make up the technology perspective. Apparent earnings seen by the organizations using enterprise structure include enhancing managerial decision-making, increasing flexibility to moving demands and market scenarios, removing unproductive and needless procedures, enhancing resource usage. Developed while methods to make simpler the process of structure development, organization architecture frames provide best practices, tools, standards, and layouts to aid inside the development of the EA (Oracle, 2009). The EA platform provides a method for streamlining the creation and maintenance of architectures and allows the organization to leverage best practices of architectural design. Whilst a number of business frameworks can be found, each structure has the main objective of tackling the essential challenge of assessing, aiming, and organising business desired goals with specialized requirements and strategies. Through this paper, I will discuss two EA frameworks – The Gartner Methodology and OMB Federal Organization Architecture (FEA) – and how the HORRIBLE framework would best suit the introduction of enterprise structures with my own employer, the City of Augusta, Georgia's city and county government. Let me also addresses how TOOL complements and assists while using processes of strategic preparing. The Gartner Methodology

The Gartner Methodology is actually identified as an enterprise architecture (EA) ‘practice' by simply one of the best-known information technology research and asking firms in the world (Sessions, 2007). Because of this, various organizations imagine Gartner, Inc. only employs the most certified specialists who may have developed a collaborative community based on guidelines in the venture architecture discipline. Since they consider an effective TOOL involves having a partnership between the three major shareholders – business owners, data specialists plus the technology implementers – to unite associated with a shared vision that drives business value. Confident outcomes would be measured by practical conditions such as driving profitability instead of merely ticking off products in a tips or matrix. As it relates to the Gartner Methodology, EA is about approach, not architectural, and focuses on the organization's goal as well as how it will get there (Sessions, 2007). The main objective will be determining the organization's perspective in business conditions and following that turn goal vision transactions into common-requirements vision (CRV). The CRV identifies the necessary changes required to core organization processes that could drive the general business eyesight for that region. From there, a target business architecture and target information architecture may be developed to satisfy these demands. The Gartner Methodology presents a feasible EA remedy for a top-down driven corporation like my employer, Augusta, Georgia city government, with a ten affiliate Commission who also sets the goals and vision intended for the city departments, and in turn...

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