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COURSE SUBJECT: Principle of promoting


Mr Tanvirullah Khan Adnan




Submitted By-


Mahbubul Alam 103-161-431

Submitted Date: July fourteenth, 2009

September 14th 2009

Mr Tanvirullah Khan Adnan

Course Instructor

Principle of promoting


Panthapath, Dhaka

Subject matter: Submission of promoting 4p of Citycell

Special Sir,

Our company is extremely pleased to submit the marketing plan that you have given us to do as a part of this system. Our task was to prepare an marketing 4p upon city cell It was extremely hard to finish the plan with no your genuine help, and so we are incredibly grateful for you, and also pleased to our kind primary options. We have a whole lot of spectacular and useful knowledge in this way plan which will help us to reach your goals in future. Therefore we will be remarkably obliged in case you would be kind enough to take our plan and reduce us for almost any undue difficulty.

Yours Seriously,

Any function like this credit rating must be would go to multiple people. Over the years, many instructor of ADUST inside the academic job, have supplied us beneficial insights in the management and marketing, through their discussions and in going to various classes. This is our humble hard work to present appreciation in writing this kind of " Marketing 4p” which we have genuinely drawn upon own knowledge as a scholar of BBA. First and for most, we could indebted to Mr Tanvirullah Khan Adnan, our training course instructor of marketing, for his generous direction throughout the operate. His outstanding support, hope in us, and creativity for this project, was a structure of durability in adding the pieces together and an unfailing source of perk and support.

We are deeply indebted to the authors in whose book we now have consulted in preparing this treatise. Each of our gratitude goes particularly to a few Executive of citycell for his or her cooperation, spontaneous help and constant guidance in carrying out the plan.

Finally we would like to incorporate a few more words and phrases saying that this plan is prepared by novice and obviously there could be reluctant errors and omission that happen to be exclusively mine.

Citycell may be the oldest participant in the telecommunication industry. At this point it stands 4th according to the market share. The industry size of the telecom industry is quite big. In addition , the all portions in the industry are certainly not fully filled. Moreover, the industry is at growth level which procedures the raising growth of the industry. The task is to prepare an Marketing arrange for citycell. Through this report, the description of citycell packages and services is included to spot them. Likewise, there is an inclusive analysis of target buyers of citycell. On the basis of all of them we carry out some creative job and develop the multimedia plan, schedule, and price range to apply this promoting plan all year round.

There are some trials or layouts of our complete marketing campaign for the year. Because portion all of us also talk about the basis of creating those Promoting layouts pertaining to the mass media. The basis implies the focus in the marketing campaign as well as the appeals and executing design is used to formulate those advertising layouts.

The preceding activity for us to organize a compete media organizing and buying for citycell throughout every season. To prepare it we consider competition, maximum buying period, as well as the distinct media and their importance pertaining to citycell providers. Finally, we prepare a finances on each each of our total marketing costs during the year.

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