Management in the movies Essay

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MARK 4410 - Fall 2014

The «Management inside the Movies» Example

Submitted simply by Cherevychko Margaryta

Movies to study: «The Firm Men», «In Good Company», «Margin Call».

1 . Among the themes with the movies is definitely ethics in business. There are quantity of examples of how ethical issues were handled by the heroes in the film. Please touch upon at least four this kind of dilemmas and indicate if you go along with what happened. You should indicate what you would have done in the same scenario.

2 . Determine three key management problems that emerged throughout the movie. Provide an explanation with regards to your reasoning intended for determining all their importance. How realistic do you think these issues had been portrayed inside the movie? Is there anything you can recommend that would make an issue show up more genuine?

3. There exists a great deal of conversation about accomplishment and failure in all three movies. How would you define success and failure and exactly how does your definition differ and agree with a number of the points made in the movies?

4. There are instances of how persons and households deal with setbacks and challenges. Describe many of these responses and which ones did you think were most reasonable? How important can be family/friend support when you are battling through a outages?

5. There are good plus the bad approaches when dismissing staff. There are numerous of firings in the movies. What is your assessment of the techniques exhibited in the movies? How realistic had been these scenes? What may well you do in different ways?

This three movies are showing all of us how issues can get difficult in selling method: this could be ethnical dilemmas, personal troubles or perhaps economic crisis. You observe how individuals are trying to handle this situations and what difficulties they are really faced with.

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Ethical situation

Movie term

Agree/ disagree

What I could have done


Selling of your useless stocks and shares.

Margin Call

Strongly Argue

Alternative option with much less profit nevertheless...

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