Essay in Literary Evaluation Flowers intended for Algernon compared to Awakenings

Literary Assessment Essay

Flowers for Algernon VS Awakenings

Many people feel that we are going to " different” in one way or another at some point in our lives. Being several, however , is not always the " bad” thing that individuals sometimes envision it to become. In fact , Charles Evans Hughes once explained, " When we lose the right to be different, all of us lose the privilege being free. ” Literature generally portrays variations as a good thing, too. In Flowers to get Algernon, for example , vary from others, that person continues to have value and worth. Similarly, the movie Awakenings sends the same message in the character of Leonard. Oddly enough enough, even though the first story is research fiction and the second is founded on real life situations, Flowers intended for Algernon and Awakenings convey more in common than first fulfills the eye. Amazingly, Charlie and Leonard's testimonies are much more similar than it may seem. Firstly, they both suffer from a condition that keeps them back again. Charlie, who may have a lack of an ability to learn, has often longed to get knowledge. Leonard, who is affected with encephalitis, an illness that impacts brain activity and the Nervous system, is holding Leonard backside. He analyzes the disease to being stuck in a competition and there was clearly no way to get out. Their reports also intertwine by their hoping for their freedom. Charlie and Leonard both believe that the Doctors happen to be holding all of them back. Another similarity they may have is that following their remedies they equally showed symptoms of their old diseases coming back rapidly. Steve began showing signs of his mental problems returning. Leonard, like Charlie, showed signal of his deterioration even though Charlie's loss of life was foreshadowed, unlike Leonard's. Leonard's physical state rapidly declined, therefore unlike Steve, Leonard's disease return was much more visible. Charlie and Leonard the two had difficult lives, although even with emotional and physical disabilities they will tried their hardest to surpass all of them and live their lives as they...

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