Letter of Recommendation Essay

I consider great delight to recommend the prospect XXX for admission into the graduate software at your well-regarded university. My interaction with him during his academics years 2006 to 2009 had provided me sufficient scope to observe him strongly, as to evaluate his individuality and educational capabilities. Having taught him CAD/CAM, Mechatronics, Automotive Anatomist, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Non-Destructive Testing and supervising him in the CAD/CAM laboratory and the Energy Transformation Engineering clinical, I had an occasion to be in close association with him and I i am glad to present this testimonial for your guide.

He is intelligent, inquisitive and yearns to gain an specific knowledge. He has an good ken of Analytical and Logical Expertise, which this individual applies proficiently in problem solving. He is upbeat, communicates efficiently while doing work as part of a team and has a strong work ethic. I came across him very sincere, careful and liable towards his course work. He could be equipped with the right level of self-confidence and maturity.

He features always preserved a good educational record in both theory and sensible studies and has been a standard student within our institution. His organizational, analytical and social skills are really developed. This individual maintains a good rapport with the faculty associates and peers. He has demonstrated the determination, intelligence, conserving nature and analytical abilities for graduate student programme.

Aside from academics, he's a very good head as well as a good team player. I have noticed his excellent managerial and conversation skills. He has managed many restricted corners with poise and confidence. He was involved in organising and advertising for the faculty festival called Verve. He also definitely volunteers in social activities like blood charite camps. This shows his ability to excel in the fields besides teachers.

With all these types of accolades to his credit rating, he is, certainly, an out-standing student in the department. I very...

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