Legal Alien Essay

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Metaphor, Tone and Antithesis in " Legal Alien"

" Legal Alien, " a collection coming from " Chants, " is known as a short free of charge versed poem written by Terry Mora. The poem is exploring the lives of Mexican-Americans and the social tension they need to face. The poet talks about a bi-cultural person whose parents are via Mexico but the person came to be and brought up in America which is an American resident by law. Even though he can speak fluent English and Spanish, he keeps having a hard time becoming accepted by both or one race. Mora's utilization of poetic methods such as metaphor, tone and antithesis focuses on her issues in regards to the issue.

Mora uses metaphor to focus on how a bi-cultural individual feels like not being recognized by both equally races. " a convenient token" (line 16) notifies the readers that the bi-cultural individual is like a handy device that can very easily slide from back to out, from British to Spanish (vice-versa). Anyone can also adjust very quickly, faster than those who has only one lifestyle. " between your fringes of both worlds" (line 18) notify the readers that even though the speaker's competition is Philippine and his nationality is American the loudspeaker isn't completely accepted simply by both competitions. Mexicans view the speaker while an strange (line 10) while American view him as exotic, inferior of course different (lines 9-10). With this situation, the speaker feels lost in both competitions thus having an id crisis.

Using tone forms the concepts of the poem and communicates the poet's aggravation to cultural tension. " able to slip coming from, " How's life? " to " _Me'stanvolviendo loca" _

(lines 2-3) this line informs the readers that although the audio can speak both dialects fluently your woman isn't accepted by both races totally and the speaker is disappointed, this is evident when the girl said " _Me'stanvolviendo loca" _(line 3) this means " they are driving me crazy" in English. " By smiling by masking the soreness of being pre-judged Bi-laterally" (lines 19-22) the speaker is unease and sad...

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