KSSR Lessons plan Article


Focussed skill:

Hearing and Speaking


thirty first March 2014


eight. 15 – 9. 12-15 a. m


some Enova

Range of Pupils:


Proficiency Level:

Intermediate to advanced


World of Personal, Family and Friends


Unit 12: Unity in Diversity

Content material Standard:

1 ) 1 At the conclusion of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils should be able to pronounce words and speak confidently with the correct tension, rhythm and intonation.

Learning Standards:

At the end with the lesson, pupils will be able to:

1 . 1 . 5 Able to discuss related topics with direction.

Lesson Targets:

Towards the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

1) Speak about Hari Hito Eidulfitri festivity by giving an answer to simple queries from instructor verbally. 2) Listen and complete Worksheet 1 by responding to fill in the blank process correctly based on the audio text. 3) Listen and complete Worksheet two in match by figuring out the main thought correctly based upon the audio text. 4) Complete a task creatively and able to describe about the item briefly. Educating Aids:

Picture puzzles, video clip, handouts, photo cards, audio tracks text, pieces of conventional paper, crosswords problem Cross Curricular Element (EMK):

Creative and Impressive

Educational emphases:


Multiple intelligences


Moral Beliefs

Olympic value

Creative thinking, making decisions

Verbal linguistic, logical-mathematical

1) Values on individual growth- responsibility, respectful.

2) Beliefs on a perception of belongings- respect and loyalty to family members

1) Joy of effort


Teaching and Learning Strategy/Activity


Arranged Induction

(5 minutes)

1 . Teacher assigns pupils in groups of five.

2 . Educator gives every group picture puzzles being solved simply by them. 3. Pupils receive two mins to solve the puzzle.

4. Pupils will be asked to name the picture problem that they have resolved. 5. Teacher discusses with pupils.

Instructing aid:

Photo puzzles

Level 1

(15 minutes)

1 ) Teacher displays pupils a shorter video clip regarding Hari Raya Eidulfitri event. 2 . Educator asks students a few questions.

3. Teacher gives advice regarding respecting the family members when the pupils the next question. 4. Teacher pastes picture credit cards of Hari Raya Eidulfitri on the board. 5. Educator makes a simple graphic organizer.

6. Educator pastes photographs of halloween costume, food, and decorations for Hari Banda Eidulfitri festival. 7. Tutor asks students to describe the pictures.

8. Tutor writes pupils' description around the board.

on the lookout for. Teacher constructs a word for every photo using one of the adjectives that pupils have got mentioned twelve. Teacher calls a few of students and demands them to try to construct one more sentence using another adjective. 11. Instructor helps the pupils whenever necessary.

12. Pupils look at the sentence together with teacher.


1) Issue you enjoy Hari Hito Eidulfitri?

2) What do you wear on the first working day of Hari Raya Eidulfitri? 3) So what do you have to do for the first time of Hari Raya?

4) What do you usually take in during Hari Raya?

Ethical value

-Respect and dedication towards family members.


Instructing aids:

Handouts,, picture cards,

Video clip of Hari Banda Aidilfitri celebration


Level 2

(20 minutes)

1 ) Teacher provides pupils guidance to listen to the audio text message attentively. installment payments on your Teacher performs an audio text, a conversation about Hari Raya Eidulfitri event between two people. 3. Students listen to the text attentively.

four. Teacher gives the pupils Worksheet 1 .

a few. Pupils are to complete Worksheet 1 by fill in the blank based upon the audio tracks text played. 6. Educator plays the audio text for the 2nd time.

several. Pupils complete Worksheet 1 while listening to the music text. 8. Teacher examines with pupils the answers.

9. Educator assigns students to work in pairs.

twelve. Teacher offers pupils...

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