Ks Bull 2008 Doctor Practice Inquiries Essay

The following inquiries are adapted from " KS Bull 2008 Concern 1″

Are high wages for govt officials ever before justifiable?

" Singapore requirements more experts than music artists. ” Do you agree?

" The internet is the best thing which includes happened to democracy recently. ” Go over.

" Long term wars will probably be fought over the control of natural resources. ” Comment.

" Beauty pageants are awkward to ladies. ” What lengths do you consent?

Is marriage still relevant in today's society?

Is it ever justifiable to infringe perceptive property privileges?

Do you consent that innate modification may result in more concerns than alternatives?

What can we learn from the study of Mathematics?

" The winners in globalization gain society in the expense of the losers. ” Discuss.

Is definitely capital treatment compatible with a genuinely enlightened contemporary society?

If improvement is to be accomplished, we cannot insist on knowledge that is based on a bedrock of irrebatible beliefs. What lengths do you agree?

Doubt should, and must, be get over. Discuss.

" Citizen journalism undermines the continuing future of newspapers. ” Do you agree?

" Environmental conservation is definitely the responsibility of developed nations. ” As to the extent do you agree?

" The junior in Singapore do not also have it easy. ” About what extent is true?

Can easily prejudice at any time be taken away?

" Humanity is attaining all the correct technology for all the wrong factors. ” (R. Buckminster Fuller) How far are these claims true?

Essential is it to possess a universal terminology in our increasingly globalized globe?

" Uniquely Singapore. ” To what extent can we admit our countrywide culture is exclusive?

" Even more needs to be done to fight ageism in our contemporary society. ” Will you agree?

About what extent is a family continue to relevant in modern society?

" Science can easily and should get rid values. ” Discuss.

" When lifestyle gives you lemons, make lemonade. ” To what extent is this good advice?

" Media censorship, contrary to regular belief, is a hallmark of the...

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