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How I Achieved Your Mom 8. 13 " Strap or DISC JOCKEY? ”


Barney starts going out with Robin's co-worker Patrice until he shows how that was simply a cover to get ready his marriage proposal to Robin, which usually she accepts. This leads to issues including Barney meeting Robin's father in order to get his endorsement and Ted having to come to terms with the fact he and Robin have no loving future with each other. It is revealed that Ted 1st saw his future partner playing inside the band at Barney and Robin's wedding ceremony.


Earlier this Monday, the new " Can certainly make money Met You Mother” instance came out, and it was the first episode and also the year after the seasonal break, and I was actually excited about this.

This kind of episode was centered about what happened following Barney finally proposed to Robin plus they got interested. It is mainly based on how Ted felt of the best friends proposal since in past attacks he revealed he even now had thoughts for Robin. He appeared to be happy regarding his close friends, although it was obviously a difficult situation for him. Ted presented himself to help with the wedding party organization, which led to an analysis between Lily and him about whether to book a strap or a DJ to play the background music.

In the other hand, Robin was struggling with the concept of Barney, her fiancé, requesting her daddy for agreement to marry her. This kind of brought they are all more troublesome situations when Robin's father came to New york city because they didn't had a good romance. Also, at first, her dad didn't accept the diamond which produced difficult to Robin and her father to get deeper. Beside this kind of, Lily and Marshall were having problems using their newborn baby because he couldn't prevent crying.

Towards the end of this interesting episode, Ted confessed he didn't need their friends to get married because he believed Robin needs to be with him. Lily admitted she didn´t like to certainly be a mother sometimes, because the lady had to surrender her dreams of becoming a great artist. Robin's father apologize to her and...

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