Things Fall Apart: Individuality versus Nationality Article

Of many themes that appear in Chinua Achebe's Items Fall Apart, identity versus nationality becomes a central topic because the story advances and evolves. With the breach and colonization of the Western european missionaries, Okonkwo's nationality and contributions to society are called into query. Achebe points out the idea of nationality over individuality by showing that culture is the precursor to style. Examining the life of the protagonist, Okonkwo, after and before his level of resistance exemplifies this kind of key idea in Things Fall Apart.

Devoid of society, there is no personality. Okonkwo's attributes include compliment and reputation, which his tribe provides him pertaining to throwing the Cat. Achebe explains Okonkwo's reputation, declaring, " Okonkwo was well known throughout the eight villages as well as beyond. His fame rested on sound personal achievements” (Chapter 1). While he may have achieved these acts, society noticed that these actions made him worthy of celebrity and finally formed Okonkwo into the person he is. However , their traditions not only makes respect and honor. The Ibo culture acts a source of persuits and critique for its matters. For example , in a conversation regarding other villages, Okonkwo and Obreika's elder brother take a look at opposing customs and criticize them because it is not that they normally happen to be taught to trade. They will explain, " All their traditions are upside-down. They do not determine bride-price as we do, with sticks. They will haggle and bargain like they were purchasing a goat or perhaps cow on the market. That is very bad. ” (Chapter 8) This estimate exemplifies the prejudice which the society they will live in creates. This thought of superiority in front of large audiences later requires a role in Okonkwo's life as he trips other ethnicities and discovers their traditions, and even before he opposed the changes in the culture. Okonkwo's own practices and traditions shape how that this individual acts the two before and after his resistance to alter.

When looking at Okonkwo's life prior to he...

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