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A CSR Evaluation & Survey By (Group 6): Kunal Matta | F032 Gaurav Tolani | F057 Prashant Singh | F054 Ankit Mundhra | F035 Anusha Venkat | F058 Akanksha Singh| F052 " We enjoy the process much more than the proceeds” - Warren Buffet Corporate Sociable Responsibility -Sustainability Report Webpage 1


1) INTRO ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 03

2) DOUBLE BOTTOM LINE ANALYSIS ---------------------------------------------------------- apr a) Earnings b) Globe c) Persons 3) QUEST ZERO ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 06 a) Eliminate Waste materials b) Not cancerous Emissions c) Renewable Energy d) Closing the Loop e) Resource Successful Transportation f) Sensitizing Stakeholders g) Redesigning Commerce 4) LET'S BE CLEAR ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 a) Life Cycle b) Reduce Waste 5) DURABILITY INTEGRATION INTO BUSINESS ------------------------------------ 18 a) Entropy b) TacTiles c) Fairworks 6) COMPETITORS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19 a) Kajaria Ceramics b) Oriental Tiles World- Asian Granito India Limited 7) SUSTAINABILITY PERFORMANCE IN DOMESTIC INDUSTRY ---------------------- twenty-one 8) GLOBAL BEST PRACTICES--------------------------------------------------------------------- 22 a) People b) Community c) Design 9) ANALYSIS AND CRITIQUE --------------------------------------------------------------------- 24 10) AWARDS----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- twenty four

11) GROUP SUGGESTION----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21

Corporate Interpersonal Responsibility -Sustainability Report

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User interface, Inc. started out life in 1973 when founder, Beam C. Anderson, recognized the need for flexible floorcoverings in the modern office environment.. From generator to administration, vision has always been the rule—not the different. In response for the needs from the commercial workplace sector, Anderson led a joint venture between British company, Carpets Intercontinental Plc. (CI), and several American traders to produce and market do it yourself soft-surfaced floorcoverings. And with this Program was born. The business started with 15 staff and by 2011 it had cultivated to durability of 5000. In 1987, the company‘s name was changed to Program, Inc. With its acquisition of Heuga Holdings N. V. among the world‘s most ancient manufacturers of carpet floor tiles – User interface became the undisputed world leader in flip flooring. A short while later, Interface invested in Knight in shining armor Street Systems, Ltd., a producer of upper-end broadloom carpet at this point known as Bentley Prince Avenue, Inc. This entered the residential industry in the year 2003 with the introduction of SELECCION. Over the years, the company‘s growth has been increased by much more than 50 acquisitions. The Interface Innovations Network was create to learn through the past and to look towards the future, to consider the significance of the numerous challenges the fact that company has faced, and also develop alternatives that answer the growing challenges within a sustainable and socially accountable way. Ultimately, this network will act as an innovations pipeline, keeping the company with the forefront with their industry and helping them to evolve in tune with sociable and environmental expectations. At the heart of everything Interface does like a business is definitely the Mission Zero1 pledge. This was their eyesight of becoming absolutely sustainable – and ultimately restorative – by 2020. Along with this, the organization also believed in sharing their experiences with others. InterfaceRAISE is a agency setup to aid forward-thinking businesses find techniques for placing sustainable practices in the middle of their functions, and enjoy the business rewards of accomplishing so...

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