How to Changeover from the University Environment to Work Essay



Students' Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) is a skill development plan designed to put together students of Colleges, Polytechnics/monotechnics and colleges of education for transition from the college environment to work (Akerejola 2008). Oyedele (1990) state that work experience is an educational put in which college students participate in function activities whilst attending university. 1 . 1brief histories of SIWES

The Students' Professional Work Experience Structure (SIWES) began in 1973/1974 section. Before the establishment in the scheme, there was a growing concern among Nigeria industrialist that graduates of the Universities and other higher establishment of studies lacks satisfactory practical backdrop studies basic for employment in the companies. It is against this background the rationale for initiating and designing the scheme was pivoted. As a result the system affords pupil the opportunity of familiarizing and exposing themselves to the needed experience in handling gear and machinery that are not often available in their particular institution. The future prospect in the scheme to Nigeria as a nation is to help get together the technical know-how had to galvanize the commercial sector from the nation with indigenous knowledge.

1 . 2Organization Philosophy

Many Universities which includes Uni-Agric makurdi believe, inside the provision of the avenue pertaining to the students to obtain practical industrial exposure inside their respective willpower during the course of their very own studies. The reason is , such publicity would groom the students to match more conveniently into commercial work environment after graduation. The scheme offers lecturers the opportunity to evaluate the significance of training to the needs of industries. 1 ) 3Objectives with the scheme

i. To enlist and strengthen organisations involvement inside the entire educational process of preparing University graduate student for job in industry ii. To provide an avenue for young students in the school to gain industrial skill and experience within their field of study iii. To provide college students with a way to apply their very own knowledge in real function situation, thus bridging the gap among theory and practice.

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