Homeschooling compared to Public School Essay

Home Education VS General public School

Today, education system in the world increasingly day by day. Started out from the most popular place to educate, general public school (traditional school) until the modern one that is now popping up everywhere, including in Indonesia, " homeschooling”. Homeschooling is a education of children at home (by parents or perhaps tutors). Some individuals consider home schooling is more effective and practical than public university, while the other folks consider general public school has became a habit from generation to generation, and promising a bright future. There is a lot of controversy more than homeschooling and public institution. Why? Since there are several prominent differences between both of them just like: quality, security, environment and cost. The most notable difference among homeschooling and public university is their particular quality. Top quality in this case means the programs and the learning method that used. Homeschooling uses a similar curriculum with public college, but the dominant are chosen by parents or teacher according to what the child (student) wants. In the meantime, the public college organizes what majors that ought to be studied depending on the subjects used. After that, the learning approach that applied between they are all are totally different. Homeschooling uses some strategies like: 2. The traditional method, is actually a method that learn about tips on how to learn and sharpen the ability to remember issues. * Computer-based method, is a method that uses a computer during the learning process. 5. Eclectic approach, is a approach that applied depends on the demands of the child/student. * 3rd party or self-study method, generally used for higher-level. The methods seem creative and varying. While in the public school, the methods that used constantly same every once in awhile, from one to another grade, by way of example communicative procedure and CBSA approach. Yet, if there is a new curriculum which in turn failed to be applied makes the quality of public school deteriorated. It is logical that home schooling...

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