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Religious Faith

I are Catholic therefore i believe in a just and fair community. In this tale, it sounds far from just that. With this story, racism is still a big thing around the time this tale takes place. Henrietta is a poor black girl who is cured unfairly inside the Hopkins medical center due to that fact she's black. The lady could have quite possibly been salvaged and probably would have in the event she was white. Her cells were stolen plus the Lacks family members did not possibly know about until HeLa cells were around the front webpages on the papers. I personally feel that by the end of the story, the Lacks friends and family should have been paid by least, at least a fourth of all money that was made by Henrietta's skin cells. My faith would be highly against just how this family members had been cured throughout the tale before any kind of recognitions received to Henrietta and not just here cells which were called HeLa cells therefore almost no one particular knew her name, actually students studying the cellular material in school.

My feelings and beliefs on the cells when compared to Deborah and Zakariyya are similar in some ways, but is not all. I actually believed that Henrietta's cells should have recently been experimented and research in for humanity's sake. Deborah and would not particularly include any believed towards this kind of while Zakariyya was against it, yet Deborah thought that Henrietta need as much identification as possible. We believed that they should get a few compensation pertaining to Henrietta's skin cells getting taken and no agreement to do tests and exploration on them. Deborah did not desire any money, just Henrietta getting recognition and Zakariyya thought they should receive all the money made from them selling Henrietta's cells. I think that even though Henrietta was basically slain, that her cells can be what she would always live on as. Deborah had the same belief although Zakariyya desired nothing to perform with that.

The healing scene really summed up for what reason Deborah was always weird and a lttle bit crazy...

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