Helen of Troy Composition

The movie commences with the birth of Paris, and Cassandra's prediction that he would be the cause of Troy's destruction. Concerned, his dad King Priamleaves him about Mount Viaje, where he is located and raised by the shepherd Agelaus. When he is an adult, he judges Aphrodite since the fairest of the 3 goddesses,  Hera,  Athena, and Aphrodite. After awarding her the golden apple she guarantees him his passion of Helen of Sparta, the most amazing woman in the world. Meanwhile in Sparta, Sue sees in a pool Paris's judgement, and happily allows his choice of her take pleasure in. She later meets the Mycenaean King, Agamemnon, who have come to claim her sis,  Clytemnestra, as his new bride, but is additionally immediately used by her charm. During the wedding party, Helen is kidnapped simply by two Athenians,  Theseus, and his friend Pirithous. They take her to Athens, wherever Helen fall in love with Theseus, just before her close friend Pollux raids Athens and kills him. As he is dying, Theseus stabs Pollux. In Spartis, Helen's dad Tyndareus explosion at his daughter, blaming her intended for losing his heir. He presents her to the a large number of suitors who also seek her hand, putting in a bid them to perform as they would like. The suitors draw tons after execration an pledge suggested simply by clever Odysseus that if anyone disrespect her husband's promises to her, they need to unite and wage war against him. Odysseus rules him self and Agamemnon out of the great deal, since they are equally married. That they agree to the oath, and Agamemnon's brother Menelaus wins. Agamemnon can be visibly envious. Agamemnon advises to Menelaus that this individual should have Helen present very little nude ahead of the other suitors, as a way for him to demonstrate that their marriage is worth the suitors' security. While Sue is washing, Clytemnestra tries to dissuade her from performing as Menelaus asks, nevertheless is lost. Before Sue leaves, states to Clytemnestra, " They can look almost all they want, yet they'll hardly ever see me personally. " Opportunities open and Helen strolls naked throughout the crowd of men, to great admiration. She prevents before...

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